How to make slow money with steam

A lot of people ask me this: how can you buy daily 150 keys? i started with my own money to boost the start with a higher amount of keys. i used reflink websites + adsense to make some passiv euros.

every cent i earned, i bought new keys and shared it with people on steamgifts. currently can i handle 150 keys daily. you can do this without money too, but then you need a lot of stamina.! sometimes you ask 10 or more people and nobody join your team. if you have a good staying power and fun with it, then it could be something for you 🙂

Current Giveaway Statistics – How much keys i shared ( last update: 08.07.16 )
Steamgifts: 15763 Keys ($119,939.86)
Steamcompanion: 13550 Keys ($87816.95)
Gameaways: 3006 Keys

How the system with reflink works : if you invite somebody and he make a account, then he join your team for lifetime (every time he buy something, you get from 0,01 to 1 euro or more (depends on how high the order is)

there are peoples who earn 500+ euros each week. top places make 300 each day

You can support my work, if you want! you help me to steal some money from the big (i know some “big” are good too (sorry for that) but there are good aspects too and everyone like sharing!

G2A Reflink

maybe do something like me and share games? sure, you can keep your money for yourself too 🙂