Steam Keys 200x Stalingrad 17072017

Steam Keys 200x Stalingrad

Steam Keys 200x Stalingrad

Swiggity Swooty write: Excellent game!! The combat and dynamics are even better than the much newer Blitzkrieg 2 game. Heres what i love about this game: – USSR missions where if you retreat you are shot at by NKVD Anti-Desertion squads, NOT ONE STEP BACKWARDS COMRADS! – artillery has actual real ranges, mortars can hit targets across the map. In BK 2, mortars and artillery can barely fire longer than a few 100 feet.- infantry can ride on tanks!! I love this aspect of the game because its such as small feature but makes the game feel so immersive – a large variety of tanks and armored vehicles. There are like 10 different versions of the German Pz. III, ranging from commander versions with special radio equipment on the sides and a tank commander actually visable on top. Some tanks will have ammunition boxes on the back and sides while others have Nazi flags! The detail in this game is just great.

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